Thursday, September 24, 2020

I’m bringing back my personal site because I long for a return to the personal web.

I have had enough of the privacy invasive features of Facebook and Instagram. My feeds are filled with people I don’t know trying to influence me to live a certain way, buy a product, or subscribe to a service. Even the way I view content is controlled by profit-driven algorithms. I’d like to break free and go back to a self-owned solution.

Unfortunately this means I will lose ease of access to most of my friends and family. I’m making this page with the hopes that those who want to keep up with me or comment on my shared posts have a unified place to do so.

The old web was a decentralized place filled with personal blogs and homepages, unique designs, and a curiosity for the developing online world. I’m not one of those old dogs saying things like “back in my day the web was better”. I love many aspects of the current state of the Internet. The old web wasn’t better, but it was more personal. I’d like to try to bring some of that back.